Committees of the Board of Directors

The Board currently has four standing committees: (1) an Audit Committee; (2) a Compensation and Management Development Committee; (3) a Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee; and (4) a Strategic Planning Committee. Each committee is comprised only of our independent directors, except that Mr. Gethin, a non-independent director, is a member of the Strategic Planning Committee. The table below describes the composition, and the current chair, of each committee.

Name Audit Committee Compensation and Management Development Committee Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Strategic Planning Committee
Lawrence I. Sills         
William H. Turner  Chair  Member   Member  
John P. Gethin        Member
Pamela Forbes Lieberman   Member  Member  Member  Co-Chair
Patrick S. McClymont  Member  Member  Member  Member
Joseph W. McDonnell  Member  Member  Member  Member
Alisa C. Norris  Member Chair  Member  Member
Eric P. Sills        
Richard S. Ward  Member  Member  Chair